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Q: I didn’t see any Android tablets in the Videos. Do they work with SqrShot?
A: Yes, At this time there are no Android tablets in the videos. However check the maximum thickness or depth that will fit in the tripod mount is 15mm (about 5/8″). The minimum thickness is 6mm (about 7/8″).  If your tablet meets those requirements then it will work.

Q: Does SqrShot™ come with a tripod?
A: No.

Q: What is the standard threading for tripods that will connect with SqrShot?
A: 1//4 20. SqrShot™ is made to be compatible with this.

Q: Do you have any tripod recommendations?
A: Mid-priced tripods that are somewhere in between $40 to $60.  Why?  Because cheaper tripods will not be robust enough on the head that SqrShot™ connects to especially if you are trying to use a tablet because the weight of the tablet may not be supported by the tripod.

Q: I am using Body Align Pro™ and want to know how to set up a dedicated place to take photos.  Do you have any recommendations?
A: It is recommended that you set your tripod up in an area that you know it won’t be moved. Marking the floor for tripod leg placement is also helpful (making tape works well).  If the tripod is moved, the accuracy of all your photos will be compromised.  It is also ideal to have one dedicated SqrShot™ for taking before and after photos.  If you want to use SqrShot™ for other photography needs, it is better to purchase an additional one to do so.

Q: How many feet from the tripod should my clients stand for before and after photos?
A: Set up the tripod and, if possible, have someone who is fairly tall serve as a model for you.  Make sure a tall person could be photographed without cropping his/her head from the photo. Generally, 7 to 8 feet away from the tripod is a good distance.

Q: When taking before and after photos how does the person stand in the same spot every time?
A: It is recommended that they stand on a + sign marked on the floor in some way (again, masking tape works well).  If they line up their toes on the line it will be very close every time so when you take photos the person will be in the same spot and you will observe more accurate changes in the body because the placement of the camera is more consistent.

Q: What is the material that SqrShot™ is made of?
A: The plastic that SqrShot™ is made of HDPE (high-density polyethylene plastic). Most plastic cutting boards are made of this material. The material is so strong that we are able to thread it.

Q: What is your return policy?

A: Click here to see our return policy.